Psychic Predictions for 2014 – Doreen Virture

2014 Psychic Predictions - Doreen VirtueOne of my favorite online psychic is Hay House and Hay House Radio personality, Doreen Virture.  And so obviously, every year like clockwork, I also search for Psychic Predictions for 2014 with Doreen.

There is just something really special about Doreen. She personable, even humorous at times and she is one of the most accurate psychics out there.  I love her original take on angel readings. We all have them and each one represents something different.

She also has this soothing and comforting presence and voice. Sometimes I’ll listen her on Hay House Radio and just fall asleep. And to me, if you put me to sleep soundly, it doesn’t mean you’re boring. It means you make me calm and relaxed, which is often difficult to do with my hectic life and schedule right now.

Doreen Virtue’s Psychic Predictions for 2014

Doreen begins her psychic predictions for 2014 (on youtube) talking about indigo children. And how whistleblowers like Edward Snowden will become dominant and continue their work of exposing truths in 2014.

The theme of 2014, according to Doreen, is simplicity. But in order to simplify, we must all shed away the old things that no longer serve our highest good. We’ll detoxify and clear away physical clutter which will clear our energetic clutter. And once we clear away both physical and energetic clutter we’ll have more room in our lives for the things that do matter. This clutter could be the form of people, places or things. We’ll focus on friendships, work relationships and love relationships that are no longer an energetic fit.

Globally in 2014, Doreen believes we’ll begin to really question things like geo-engineering (the science of creating rain and storms to counteract the effects of global warming). Super storms as a result of geo-engineering will continue and the activism will increase due to sheer outrage of things like climate manipulation.

globally scale its a clash of light and dark and good and evil. There will be corruption taking over and the dollar being the ruler for this bad behavior. The people see through this now. In 2014, we’ll see these greater truths. A continuation of activism.

Doreen’s predictions for 2014 are done by pulling her cards: Archangel Power Tarot. Each card she pulls represents each month of the year.

1. January – Strength. We are stronger than we all know. All the pain and suffering we’ve experienced was for a higher purpose. And instead of being mad or angry, we can look for the blessings. January also symbolizes getting stronger. We should also get our minds strong through meditation and prayer. We can do this by carving out a few minutes a day and talking to God to get the answers we want.

2. February – Solutions. This card focuses more on internal solutions. Success is coming but is more internally driven. Being patient with ourselves while taking charge of our own success.

3. March – Six of Michael – We will find in March that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Things will start to turn around. All the things we are working on will tie together.

4. April – Wheel Card – This card reflects fast moving happenings. We’ll experience unexpected positive leaders. This actually lines up with Chinese Astrology with it being the year of the horse.

5. May – High Priestess – Our psychic ability is heightened. We are encouraged to trust our gut and stop the self-douting. For those that feel guided to healing or the healing arts, this is the year to really focus on that particular calling and just do it.

6. June – Eight of Ariel – In June, we are encouraged to have pride in the opportunities which come our way. June is the month of working very hard. We’ll also be so happy in our job that we won’t take a vacation. In fact, this card suggests, we’ll be so busy that we can’t take a vacation at this point.

7. July -Hangman/Perspective – In July, we are encouraged to allow ourselves to be different. Don’t try and fit in. We should let out true personality come out. There is only one you and one me. If we try to be someone else, we’ll dampen our strength and attractiveness. Embrace being authentic.

8. August – Sun – There will be recognition in the month of August. Life is wonderful. We will reach new heights and should be encouraged that there is power in positive thinking.

9. September – Seven of Raphael- Time to make a decision. We are encouraged to let go of something. To cast away the old to make room for the new. Doreen suggests, that it may mean leaving a current job, because a side project or venture is now successful enough to take on full time.

10. October – New Beginnings- We come to new beginnings.

11. November – Seven of Gabriel – We are encouraged to stand up for ourselves. This card might come in the form of a test. That we are encouraged to find our life’s right path.

12. December – Four of Gabriel- Celebration. We release ourselves from old burdens. And it really is time to celebrate.


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