Free Psychics Online (And In Person)

Free Psychics OnlineLet’s face it everyone loves free, which is why most people search in vain for free psychics online.

I honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with looking for an honest psychic reader online who is also free at least to start off because not all readers are created equally. Some are downright dishonest and others may not have that personable touch that only you can connect with

I believe that a good psychic reading comes down to an art. Not only do readers need to be accurate and morally decent, they also have to know how to deal with delivering hard news. And deliver it in manner that allows for growth and personal improvement.

But I also believe that once you’ve found that great reader and you may even have two or three for different aspects of your life, you should stick with them until they give you a reason not to. A relationship with a good reader isn’t unlike a general relationship with a neighbor, coworker or even a friend.

Sometimes it does take some time to get to really know your reader and to really figure out if he or she is the psychic for you. And looking for a free psychic allows you to “kick the tires” and figure out if the relationship can really work.

The 3 Best Ways to Finding Free Psychics Online (Or In Person)

1. Online Radio: From Blogtalk Radio to Hay House Radio there are some wonderful readers on online radio platforms where you can get a free reading and even a lesson in life if you’re so inclined. I would suggest on the Blogtalk radio platform that you search for a famous psychic you may like or even just a general search. Start to listen to past shows and see if you resonate with that person. Then take note of the next live airing date to talk to a famous psychic online.

Hay House Radio is another great online radio platform where you can learn about some really well known and even some famous readers in the Psychic community. Some of the readers who I particularly enjoy are John Holland, Doreen Virture, Dr. Mona Lisa Shultz and Denise Linn. Similar to Blogtalk Radio, you can find out when your favorite Psychic is on Hay House live and take some time to call in. Each host usually gives out the number at the top of their show.

2. Meetup: Though this isn’t an online free psychic solution – its still an option. Most meetup towns and cities have a psychic community or those interested in topics like clairvoyants and psychics. Sometimes you’ll meet people who have general interest and other times you’ll meet people with a real gift. Its a great way to find “your people.”

Show up at the meetings, make friends and I’m sure you’ll be able to connect with someone who wouldn’t mind offering some free insight into your situation. I would warn however, that this option shouldn’t be used carelessly or selfishlessly.

3.Metaphysical/Psychic Bookstores: Here is another offline option for a free psychic reading. These gathering places tend to be a hangout for the spiritual community. Again, I wouldn’t start scouting these places out JUST for free readings. But rather really cultivating relationships with healers and psychics in your community.


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