Psychic Predictions for 2014 – Terry and Linda (Psychic Twins)

Every year around this time, I wait with baited breath for Psychic Predictions for 2014 with Terry and Linda Jamison, better known as the “Psychic Twins”.

2014 Psychic Predictions – “The Year of the Truth Revealed”

2014 Psychic Predictions (Psychic Twins)I personally believe that the Psychic Twins have proven to the world that they are not only accurate (300 predictions came to pass in 2013 alone), they are teachers as well. They both have a really special way of delivering the larger meanings and messages behind their predictions.

And I have to be honest, after listening to their interview with David and Christine Baker, some of the 2014 psychic predictions seem more depressing and more dire than the year before. But my optimistic self realizes, just as they teach, that order comes out of chaos along with greater self awareness.

And every year the twins have a theme. In 2014 their theme is “The Year of the Truth Revealed”.

Here are some of the most significant take away points of their predictions for this year:

The Good News

1. Psychic Awareness and Knowing: The twins believe that over this coming year that people will come into their own individual psychic awareness. People will dream more prophetically due to astrological and karmic influences.

2. Increased Manifestation Potential: There will be great increase potential for those who dare to believe and take risks. There is also a lot of potential for applying new skills in computer fields.

3. Medical Advancements and Breakthroughs: Significant breakthroughs are coming in 2014-2015. These breakthroughs include:  fertility treatments, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, addiction, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease and strokes, stem cell research, headaches and migraines, weight loss and obesity, AIDs and HIV, Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD,  Autism and mental illness (including depression). There will also be more growing limbs and body parts in labs.

4. 2014-2016 Will Be the Year of the Woman: We will see many more women ascend to new political and corporate heights than ever before. Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016 and distance herself from Obama.

5.  Flying Car in 2014-2015: The Twins also see a flying car in our near future. Remember the Jetsons? Well this flying car will be powered by superconducting magnets.

6. Good Long Term Investments: oil, gas, biotech, steel and health and wellness will continue to be solid industries long term.

 The Bad News

1. World Currency Crisis and Market Volatility:  Terry and Linda see a currency crisis in the US with the dollar. It will not be as strong as it was even last year. Additionally, the US debt burden will continue to rise and there will be stock market corrections. Russia, Greece, Spain and Italy will also have trouble with their currency as well.

2. Obama Care: There will be “unintended” consequences with Obama Care. Health Care will be a “gold mine” for identity theft and other con-artists. There will be lots of lawsuits and huge government payouts/bailouts to insurance companies for their losses. 10s of millions of insurance policies will be cancelled.

3. Mass Shootings:  These shootings won’t necessarily be Al Qaeda related, but the twins are reporting strong vibes in DC, NJ, NY, Arizona, Missouri, Dallas TX, VA, Colorado, Michigan, California(LAX), Portland, Nevada, Georgia, North and South Carolina. And the warning is to be alert.

“Soft Targets” like malls were also identified at places that have minimal security including Mall of America in Minnesota in 2014-2015. Internationally, the Twins feel there is much to be concerned about in Germany, London, France, Japan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen (most dangerous), Northern Africa and India.

4. Snowden to Release More Stolen Documents: Terry and Linda also believe that Edward Snowden will release additional documents. And that he only initially released about 1% of what he had.

5. Extreme Weather Events: More extreme weather is coming for 2014-2015. The east coast will see CAT4 and CAT5 hurricanes. There will be a major hurricane hitting the gulf coast. Strong seismic activity in California and Pacific Northwest. Additionally, the twins see big killer tornados in the next two years in Texas, Alabama and Mississippi. They also support the idea of mandatory shelters and those located underground as well. Other world wide major weather events will be in China, Phillipines, Mexico, Chile, New Zealand, Italy, Taiwan.

5. Cyber Attacks: The Twins warn that more cyber attacks are coming as well and may be linked to China. This time banking could be involved as well as telecommunication companies.

 Celebrity Predictions

1. Princess Kate will have another pregnancy in 2014-2015.

2. A male fashion icon will pass away.

3. An influx of celebrities will go to rehab. There is also a strong vibe for other celebrity overdosing.

The Larger Lessons

Terry and Linda offer a great conclusion to their 2014 Psychic Predictions and that is to deprogram what you’ve been taught. Everything must break away in order to experience a rebirth. They believe that people have a tendency to feel helpless when bad things occur, but the Chinese meaning of Crisis incorporates danger and opportunity.

No outcome is fixed. With the “predictive intelligence” of people like the Psychic Twins we have the ability to change our outcome with these 2014 psychic predictions, to learn the larger lessons and experience real meaningful change.


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